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Every free sample you get from Try Leh has been brought to you by the most generous of companies & brands in the world.

How to claim samples via the e-Kiosk

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100% Free

Quality samples just for you.

This zero-cost policy is made possible by companies that believe in giving back to the community. Everyone and anyone gets to redeem 2 items every week.

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1 Coin = 1 Sample

Members receive 2 free coins every week.

All Try Leh members get 2 Free Coins on Monday of every single week and can use them to redeem 2 samples.

  • Samples can only be redeemed once per campaign.
  • Campaigns normally last for 1 month (Sometimes longer).
  • EG:  If you have redeemed a beverage sample, the next time you can redeem the same beverage sample again is when the next campaign begins.
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How it Works?

You can select E-vouchers
from the Try Leh online portal.

Step 1: e-Vouchers are listed in the portal
Step 2: Select a region to view available vouchers
Step 3: Click on desired vouchers to “Redeem”
Step 4: Present your voucher at a store to claim your Sample

Get 2 weekly samples - perpetually!