Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Try Leh?

Try Leh (TRY LEH PTE. LTD.) is Singapore’s newest Free Sample service that provides members with weekly free samples.

Where are Try Leh Kiosks situated at?

  • AMK Hub – Level 4, outside Cathay Cinema
  • East Point Mall – Level 1, in front of Mos Burger
  • IMM – Level 1, outside Giant
  • PLQ – Level 4, beside Saizeriya
  • Thomson Plaza – Level 2, beside KFC

How do I redeem free samples?

Step 1: Select your desired sample from

Step 2: Upon selection of a sample, WhatsApp will launch with a pre-filled code. Hit send to receive a redemption QR code.

Step 3: Use the redemption QR code to redeem your sample by scanning it at a Try Leh Kiosk.

Do I need to pay to get samples?

There are no payments involved. Try Leh has a zero-cost policy, everything is given for free by the most generous brands.

How often can I redeem samples?

  • First-time users can redeem 1 sample for free.
  • Upon registration (which is also free), members are entitled to 3 Free Coins on the Monday of every week. Unused Free coins expire the the end of the week.
  • Coins can be used to redeem free samples (1 Coin = 1 sample).

Can I redeem the same type of sample more than once?

  • Samples can only be redeemed once per campaign.
  • Campaigns normally last for 1 month (Sometimes longer).
  • For example, if you have redeemed a beverage sample, the next time you can redeem the same beverage sample again is when the next campaign begins.

What’s the difference between free coins and bonus coins?

Free Coins:

  • 2 Free Coins are awarded to members every week.
  • Coins can be used to redeem free samples (1 Coin = 1 sample).
  • If the free coins are not utilized by the end of the week, they expire.
  • However, when a new week begins, members get another 2 Free Coins again.

Bonus Coins:

  • Bonus coins are earned through successful referrals and various promotions.
  • Each referral earns you and the person you refer 2 Bonus coins each.
  • Bonus coins do not expire and can be accumulated for as long as you want

How often are stocks topped up in kiosks?

Stocks are replenished usually 2 to 3 times per week.